Meet our awesome team!

Public Relations and Promotions

What the directors say...

Hey guys, we’re the directors for PRP. Our Chief responsibility is to secure teams and ensure an impressive turn out for FiLUMS 2016. Cinema in Pakistan has finally been revitalized, and we believe that the youth can be instrumental in further broadening its horizons. We hope to set FiLUMS as a platform that provides individuals the opportunity to share their ideas, showcase their talent and indulge their love for film making. It is this endeavor that forms the essence of FiLUMS and our department is dedicated to the task of taking this core idea to young aspiring film makers and artistes in the country and beyond. Our work isn’t always easy; we encounter more obstacles than we’d like; what are supposed to be serious and productive department meetings invariably erupt into fits of laughter, endless banter and crazy shenanigans. But lying in between all the fun, games, and work (obviously) is the realization that we’ve embarked on an endeavor that goes beyond us, is greater than all of us, and from that realization stems the conviction that we shall leave no stone unturned in achieving what we’ve set out for!

Admin Events

What the directors say...

Hey guys! This is Arifa, Director Admin Events. I would be responsible for all the events that you guys would be participating in. This year’s events would be bigger and better than the last year. If you guys have any query about the events, you can contact me. Hope you guys have a lot more fun in FiLUMs’17.


“Hey everyone! This year we have some exciting new events in store for you designed specially to test the artist in you so you better lace up your creative boots. Team admin events is looking forward to welcoming you at one of the biggest film festival in Pakistan”

Samad Raza Khan (Director Admin Events)

Social Events

What the directors say...

Simply put, being part of socials is a thrilling and hectic adventure. From negotiating with vendors (basically no us, no food) to designing and implementing a theme for each of the FiLUMS events like the opening ceremony, the formal dinner and all the premieres, Socials makes sure to give each team member a great deal of exposure into the workings behind managing large scale events. It is no doubt one of the most demanding yet rewarding departments as there is nothing that can beat the happiness after the success of an event.

Talha Maqsood: “Working hard to achieve success and striving to make socials events a success for you, I am looking forward to see you all in the upcoming FiLUMS. It is an immense honor for me to be working with a brilliant team, to make sure that all the participants have an unforgettable experience of attending the best film festival of the country.”

Sarosh Manzar: “I’ve been blessed with an enthusiastic socials team and I’m looking forward to reaching new heights this FiLums’17.


What the director says...

Hello people!

My name is Mariam Ahmad and I am heading the Technicals Department for FiLUMS’17. With great department comes great responsibility and so I have made it my life’s mission to make this year’s technicals the best ever!

My fearless ADs and I aim to reinvent the FiLUMS screening and judgement model this year, providing the attendees and guests with a genuine Festival ambiance. With a multitude of awards and categories split up into International and National entries, so as to bring the Nation’s talent to the forefront whilst also appreciating the intricacies of international filmmaking, we hope to revolutionize the foremost International Film Festival in the country.

Accommodation and Transport

What the director says...

Hello film makers! I am Hussain Tarar and it feels great leading the most “accommodating” department here at FiLUMS. My job is to make sure you’re all in bed by 9, up before sunrise and out of my hair and at LUMS bright and early cause you know I’ve got important stuff to do. Looking forward to seeing you all! Best of luck


What the director says...

All your queries from registering for one of the best film festivals in Pakistan to finally attending the event, here is the Registrations department of FiLUMS to solve all your problems. We will make sure a smooth flow of process from your registrations to payments, and finally submission of your films for the event. We are available for your queries any time via Facebook, email and phone.

Abdur Rehman: “My wonderful Registrations Team is looking forward to take the FiLUMS’17 to the new heights and make sure to provide participants an immense pleasure to attend the largest film festival of Pakistan”.


What the director says...

Team Marketing or Team Money- whatever you may call us our main job won’t change and that is to get as many sponsors (read: cash) as possible. We are blessed to be working under the leadership of Alina who is very flexible with the deadlines or else we would have been fired by now. Long thing short, we as Team Marketing would give our very best to ensure that we reach out to every possible sponsor out there and convince them to be a part of FiLums’17. Not to forget, we have three very talented AD’s working under us who make our job much easier. Let’s hope together we can have the best FiLUMS to date! – Abdul Nafay and Anus Miftah

Information Technology

What the director says...

Hi, I’m Hashim, a CS senior and the Director IT for FiLUMS.

This year, we’re aiming to make FiLUMS a huge success and for that, we need the online portal to be at it’s very best. It’s my job to give my utmost best for an amazing user experience when you visit our global website.

I’d write stuff here but… the website ain’t gonna make itself.

External Relations and International Collaborations

What the directors say...

The External Relation and International collaboration department for FiLUMS is one of the most crucial. There are ample amount of tasks this department handles. They not only contact celebrities, filmmakers and guests and invite them to the festival but also arrange workshops throughout the event. Manage time and place of workshops and work with other departments to ensure the smooth running of the event. Thus they ensure all required formalities before a guest enters LUMS are completed. However this department is not all about work there are a lot of fun activities amongst the team behind the scenes with help of the beloved Directors and Assistant directors.


What the director says...

I am Saniya Naieem, the Creativity Director of this year’s FiLUMS. The work of creativity department is simple yet demanding. It requires one’s use of imagination, original ideas and inspiration to make posters, invitations, standees and flyers, etc. Simply put, creativity department includes being together, helping one another, motivating each other, and appreciating everyone’s work. The hard work and dedication is certainly rewarded when you realize your designs are getting recognized and being appreciation by your peers and audience. The happiness of successfully getting the message across through your design is simply unmeasurable. I believe in my team and in our passion and commitment to make FiLUMS 2017 one of the most successful events of LMA. And I definitely believe that our team will get out of this journey will lots of cherish able memories.


What the director says...

Pretty self-explanatory and slightly scary job. but rest assured, Ill try my best to keep you safe and sound while you’re all off doing your FiLUMSy stuff.


What the director says...

The media department at FiLUMS is mainly concerned with: Bringing a recognized media sponsor on board and providing coverage at both the event and pre-event to ensure that the impact of the film festival reached out to as many people as possible. In bringing the media sponsor, the department ensure that the event gets maximum national and international coverage and recognition which it rightfully deserves. In addition, we also oversee the coverage of the whole event, capturing the general perspective of the contest, along with the reaction of its participants.