Awards Night, The climax of FiLUMS, the Closing Ceremony, marks the end of the 3-day festival. It will seek to reward the most outstanding filmmakers of the different categories and will also provide a platform for filmmakers, distributors and other stakeholders to network. Certificates of recognition and completion along with shields will also be issued to participants. Awards night also aims to recoginize and appreciates the effort of the LMA team which is reason LMA holds successful Films festival every year.


Filums, alongside incorporating different general and lengths of films from all over the globe, will also hold a movie premier. Movie premier will provide an opportunity for the Filums participants, host team and LUMS student body to witness a world-class production and appreciate the art of filmmaking. Two-movie premier will be held on the first and the second day of Filums. The movie premier will take place on of the auditoriums at LUMS. Premier serves as the most entertaining part of the whole festivals as film enthusiasts from all around the world who travel to largest student run film festival in south Asia not only get a chance to appreciate art but also interact with celebrity presence at the premier.