As is with any film festival, FiLUMS takes pride in showcasing the works of brilliant film and documentary makers from Pakistan and the world over who submit their works. This showcase of the best entries each year is the cornerstone of our event as we encourage, appreciate and celebrate the technical and creative brilliance of dedicated artists and technicians. Each year we receive hundreds of submissions from all over the world and the best of the best are screened for audiences to watch and enjoy. Among the attendees are the cast and crew of the films, LUMS students and outsiders as well (who may purchase our Visitor Tickets).

The entries screened range from student films made by our local talents to European indie feature and short films. Previous international entries have included acclaimed short films like Forest of Echoes and Ayny-My Second Eye, the latter of which won the Student Academy Award for Best Animation Short. Nationally, the entries range from NCA student films to projects like ‘Mariam’, the Music Video that received a Lux Style award.

We at FiLUMS are committed to providing a platform for budding and fledgling filmmakers in Pakistan and all over the globe, a platform to showcase their efforts and a platform for them to further push themselves. To this end, we bring to you a screening experience like never before seen at FiLUMS.

To attend these screenings, public can separately purchase a ‘General or Exclusive Ticket’ in case it does not plan to directly submit films or participate in the event. Click on link below for more details: