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Due to unprecedented circumstances caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, FILUMS 2020 took place virtually this time around. This year, the film festival was bigger and better with the help of the entire team that worked almost entirely remotely to successfully pull off an incredible event through Youtube streaming. The journey to FILUMS 2020 began with a series of podcasts called Cinema Trails that featured guests like the creator of Shehr-e-Tabassum and tiktok celebrities who’ve made the most out of the lockdown. The three day event featured panel discussions on all aspects of filmmaking. This included discussions about pre-production, cinematography, sound engineering, costume and styling as well as the writing for film and tv. Guests with practical hands on experience from the film industry joined us at the panels to talk about their experiences and share the best insight for those who are interested or aspire to pursue a career in film.


The three-day online event featured local and international film submissions and panels that discussed themes and issues of contemporary cinema. FILUMS had an especially memorable tribute to the legendary actress Sania Saeed.


The first day of streaming featured films like “Aik Do Teen” directed by Aleem Bukhari and “Udaan Sitaaron Ki” directed by Safar Ali. The panels featured Huma Tahir to discuss character transformations through make up and costume in cinema. And first day ended by taking the audience on a virtual tour of iconic film theatres.


The second day began with a streaming of “Lebendig (Alive)” directed by Michael Sielbert and featured a conversation with Usman Mukhtar and Yasir Jaswal about directing and film making in modern day Pakistan. The legendary actress Sania Saeed also joined us for an engaging conversation about the characters that she plays, how she brings them to life and what’s in store for her in the future. The day ended with an interesting conversation about the film makers of the films that were submitted. They discussed the conception of their films, the ideas that drove them to make these films and what’s the process of film making like.


The third and final day featured films like “Sleepwalker” directed by Andrea Yu-Chieh Chung and “Patang” directed by Hamza Farooq among other films. The film directed by Maroof Taj “Salary is the bribe they pay you to forget your dreams” also featured on the third day. Ace brother-duo- actor Adnan Malik and director Saqib Malik- also joined us for a conversation about the Pakistani cinema and explored the idea of parallel cinema in Pakistan. Up and coming director Shahnawaz Zali also featured in one of our panels and spoke about films and film festivals in Pakistan.


We aspire to make FILUMS one of the most prominent film festivals at LUMS and in Pakistan. It is one of the few platforms that showcases talent and allows the pursuit of cultural exchange. Moreover, the amazing and high quality content that was showcased at FILUMS 2020 stands testament to the fact that the years ahead hold the promise of incredible talent emerging out of the local hubs of our country. It is our hope that FILUMS becomes a route that allows filmmakers and creators to leave a mark on the world through the art of story telling and the magic of movie making.

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