Previously hosted annually in LUMS by LMA, FiLUMS is a brand in itself and this year it aims to become one of the largest international film festivals of Pakistan by scoring the prime location of Al-Hamra for a two-day event with movie screenings, ad making, workshops, food street, and closing ceremony including a dinner/award night, and simultaneously shaping it in such a way that it bridges the gap between the industry and the audience and in turn makes our event a more global one.

This mega event provides a platform for independent film makers from around the globe to come and showcase their talent. At FiLUMS, the passion of films, and the art of making them is celebrated in the form of competition that is attended by people whose expertise in this area is vast – renowned and capable producers, directors, actors, and camera operators. Over 250 international and 500 national entries were registered for this event from leading universities and schools in 2016. The media coverage, celebrity attention and foreign participation FiLUMS receives are testament to the festival’s success and current standing thus providing a unique opportunity for your Brand. Despite its accomplishments, with every passing year, FiLUMS aims to grow more, and surpass the success of the previous years in all aspects – media coverage, workshops, and audiences.

The quality of films premiered at the event is exceptional. FiLUMS has screened over 500 entries in merely its first four editions. It has brought to the red carpets cinematic masterpieces including ‘Children of the Taliban’, ‘Heal’, ‘Made in Pakistan’, ‘Kashf’, ‘Zibahkhana’, ‘Shanu’, ‘Taxi’, and ‘Zindah Lash’. The winner of the Best Film Award at the NYC Film Festival, 2013 – a film named ‘Seedlings’ – was first screened right here at FiLUMS, to a jam packed audience. ‘Kanebaaz’, a film featuring the renowned artists MohibMirza, Amina Sheikh and Faisal Rehman, was also premiered at this festival.

FiLUMS has achieved its vast media coverage and has provided exposure to its sponsor brands by forming alliances with leading channels like Dunya News, ARY, Dawn, Geo Tez, AbbTak, Filmazia, 8XM, FM 91, Samaa FM, and City FM 89.

Adding to coverage provided by the media, the presence of celebrities – on the panel of judges, for workshops, or at the premiers makes the event truly star-studded. The list of celebrities who have attended FiLUMS is vast, a few prominent names include: Reema, Syed Noor, Shaan, Ali Hamza, SharmeenObaid, MeeshaShafi, AdeelHashmi, OmairRana, GoharMumtaz, Faisal Rehman, Meera, JugganKazim, Abdul Mannan, UsmanPeerzada, Sha-moon Abbasi, and Ali Zafar.

With the LUMS student body exceeding 5000, the sponsors at FiLUMS gain an exposure which is nearly impossible to surpass – the guest list is a magnet for media coverage, and the timing of the event ensures that the maximum number of students are able to attend it; thus, representing a perfect opportunity for your Brand to market itself.

Vision for FiLUMS 2020

The LUMS International Film Festival is a brand in itself which has the potential to stand as a leading Film Festival in Pakistan. The vision for this year’s FiLUMS is clear, achievable and compact. FiLUMS is a well-designed film festival and has a massive potential attached to it. So the focus should lie in making it a qualitatively better experience for the audience and the participants, in terms of production standards.  After doing enough research on the film festivals working in Pakistan, the structure of FiLUMS can be shaped in such a way that it bridges the gap between the industry and the audience. We have had long held viewership problems which can be catered to with a help of certain collaborations and initiatives.

Scope of the Festival

The event will include filmmakers from major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad whose films will be competing to be the best in various predetermined categories. Promotions, publicity and marketing will be conducted via various methods such as advertising on social media sites like Facebook and using sponsors to establish a platform which allows the event to reach as many people as possible

Sponsorships will help attain the ambitious yet attainable goal for FiLUMS this year. Therefore, the proposed plan will not only help us garner a quality audience and bridge a gap between the participants and the industry but will also help attract more sponsors.

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