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Event Details and Guidelines

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The year 2016-17 holds a lot of promise for all those associated with LMA as it will mark the 12th successfully completed year of the society at LUMS. I believe that’s the key to making the society truly thrive and flourish, that its members learn to strive to make it better, learn to take responsibility for its setbacks and learn to celebrate its accomplishments. This year, LMA aims on coming out at the top of all the societies in LUMS by striving for excellence in all production projects and events, as well as by initiating new projects. To conclude, this year there is going to be an exponential growth in the performance of LMA.

Syed Sheryar Taqi,
President LMA

You're looking at this site and this text so I am going to assume that something got you here. Most probably your interest in the event. Let me assure you, this is going to be one of the most rewarding and exciting part of your film making journey no matter what you consider yourself: an amateur, a beginner or a professional. Sharing your work with your fellow film makers and getting to see theirs, this better be your definition of heaven. Every artist's definition. FiLUMS this year is an effort to bring you to a mutual platform where you share, appreciate, learn, teach and inspire each other and what better way to do it than through a film festival which celebrates your achievements and productions. So come join us in this celebration of talent, this February! We are all waiting to host you at LUMS. See you on the other side.

Fatima Ansari,
General Secretary LMA

Hello everyone my name is Musab Godil. I am vice president productions and one of the members of the FiLUMS convening committee. This year around we are planning to make filums bigger and better with special focus on pakistani cinema that represents our culture as well as international cinema because of its diverse nature and advanced filming techniques. Looking forward to see amazing movies from your side.

Musab Godil,
Vice President Productions LMA

As an awestruck freshman working for the FiLUMS team, I would never have pictured myself to be convening it one day. Being the convener both excites me and humbles me, and above all it makes me immensely proud of the love and talent this country holds for cinema. The journey of FiLUMS '17 will be unforgettable, but what will make it truly special is you all being there at the event. February '17, guys!

Alina Khan,
Convener FiLUMS'17

Hello guys! So to someone who actually reads this on the website first of all thank you... FiLUMS is an event that gives people a platform to pursue their desire of being a film maker or actor/actress and also how to improve their skills. For me personally this event has been one of the best due to which I have made countless lifelong friends so I hope you enjoy the event as much as I will.

Mobeen Tariq,
Treasurer LMA

My name is Hadi Hafeez. I am a student of LUMS and a member of the LUMS Media Arts Society. FiLUMS is a very esteemed event that my society puts in a lot of hard work into. I hope you enjoy FiLUMS. I wish you all the best for your upcoming endeavors. I hope to see you soon.

Hadi Hafeez,
Head of Productions LMA

Hey guys, Usman Siddiqui here, Vice President LUMS MEDIA ARTS SOCIETY and part of FILUMS CONVENING COMMITTEE. I feel so proud of being part of an exciting event here at LUMS. With each year passing by, we are growing in terms of number of film submissions, delegations etc. This year around, we are planning even bigger. Hope to see you all in the event.

Usman Siddiqui,
Vice President Events LMA