FiLUMS 2016

LUMS International Film Festival

This winter, LUMS Media Arts Society has yet again set a glamorous platform for young film makers and artists. LUMS Media Arts is proud to present FiLUMS ‘16, one of Pakistan’s largest and most prestigious film festivals for young talent. Students and youth around the world are invited to shine brighter this year with FiLUMS, by showing their talent to the world. FiLUMS attracts a higher quality and a larger crop of films and filmmakers every year and expects an even more exuberant response this year. So, be prepared to get an adrenaline rush at one of the most exciting events of the year!

Life at LUMS

Delegates! Let’s take you on a verbal tour of the place where you will be spending your FiLUMS ’16 days.

Well, to start off with, the campus is located in Lahore, a city which is famous for the jocular and lively spirit of its people. The LUMS community is no less! The LUMS Square is filled with laughter at every hour of the day, no matter how late it is at night. One can always find people strolling around the Academic Block in the chilly evenings of February, and enjoying the thick fog of winter nights on the jogging track.

The beauty of the campus is amplified when rain enhances the greenery of the campus. Exotic kinds and colours of flowers found at the place in spring are, simply put, pleasing to the eyes. Just imagine walking on a leaf-covered path in autumn and listening to the crippling sound that your steps produce!

Apart from that, the LUMS community is highly diverse. It is composed of people from different areas of Pakistan, and a handful of students from abroad, which makes its vibrant, just as different colours add life to a painting.

Wait, are we forgetting something? Oh, yes, here’s good news for cat-lovers! One finds cats everywhere around the campus, be it dorms, inside the buildings or at the Square, and these little fellows are very friendly. So, if you do love cats, you now know the LUMS is the ‘to be’ place for you.

Other than this, one can always grab snacks from the T- Block, or go shopping to the Y-Block, which are located close by.

We hope to see you at FiLUMS ‘16. Till then, take care.

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    Khokha at LUMS
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    A rainy day at LUMS
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    Freshers’ Orientation Week
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    Some of the notorious Cats of LUMS

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    One of the many eatries near LUMS

Social Events


Opening Ceremony

Delegates!!! Fasten your belts and get ready to ride on the amazing roller coaster of FiLUMS ‘16. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a part of the largest International Film Festival in Pakistan? If yes, then here is the beginning of your journey to discover your utmost fortitude and gain a lifetime experience. Also, this is the event where you will find out the mega-minds behind the festival.

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FiLUMS is back, and so is your chance to get the firsthand experience of witnessing the finest work of Pakistan’s motion picture industry. There is no debate in saying that the industry has achieved quality and stepped up their glamour mojo to levels that were unimaginable a few years ago. For this reason, and of course, after noticing your enthusiasm, FiLUMS ‘16 has arranged a special surprise for its delegates this year. FiLUMS ‘16 would be premiering 2 movies, the names of which are soon to be disclosed. So keep on checking in as we will soon be uncovering the names of the 2 movies carefully chosen for your taste to be premiered at the mega event.

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Screening of Entries

This is the moment of truth that we are all waiting for. During this event, the hard work and creativity of our honorable delegates will be displayed to the massive and exuberant audience present at LUMS. Popular celebrities will be present to honor and praise the skills of the participants. Imagine the glamour of an event where professional movie stars and celebrities would be sitting beside young movie makers like you, to cherish nothing but pure talent and creativity. During this event FiLUMS ‘16 would continue its tradition of celebrating art, creativity and talent. So join us as we count down to the day when all eyes would be jammed on the big screens at LUMS displaying the works of some of the most talented movie makers in Pakistan.



Every year, a competent and talented batch of young artists and movie makers comes to LUMS through the platform of FiLUMS. A huge achievement for FiLUMS is that the batch of delegates that enters FiLUMS becomes more skillful as it leaves. FiLUMS manages to not only attract an accomplished batch of movie makers and enthusiasts, but also, it manages to enhance their skills while they are its guests. For this sole purpose, FiLUMS ‘16 has once again arranged workshops, where the delegates will get a chance to meet and learn from professionals and celebrities from different fields of the motion picture industry.


Closing Ceremony

All is well that ends well .This is the day eagerly awaited by everyone to get the results. A feeling of excitement fills the air, since this is when the delegates get to know who is going to hold the pride of being the winner. However, this event would also mark the end of the FiLUMS ‘16 in the most memorable way, followed by a ravishing formal dinner and an exciting theme like never before. This is the day to acknowledge the winners and cheer them up by giving awards, and yes, we also have something in store for the Campus Ambassadors !

Filming Categories

Short Films

Did you ever suddenly zone out into day-dreaming while watching a movie, thinking that you were in the place of one of the actors? Have you got a brilliant script, but feel bad about not making it into the film industry? Well, if any of the above is true, then here is your place! Like every year, we expect to be amazed by the talented youth of Pakistan, whose short films have never failed to astound us. Let’s see if you guys can break the record by producing even more impressive 5 to 20 minutes long films!

Feature Length

Well, this one is a bit more challenging and technical than the others. In these forty minutes long videos, we look forward to witnessing your amazing skills at altering videos by the use of effects. We are quite sure that, as always, this year’s participants would go a step further than those of the previous years, and startle us by producing outstanding animations.


If you feel very passionate about an issue, or have recently discovered one and believe that its worthy of getting everyone’s attention, then this would be your chance to enlighten the world about it. In this category, the participants are expected to represent the issue of their choice in five to fifteen minutes long videos. In the previous years, we received documentaries on some of the most unique and pressing issues, and we are ready to be completely blown away by the entries that we receive in FiLUMS ’16 !  



Let’s be honest: in our childhood, many of us aspired to be the magnificent people who were behind the creation of Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Powerpuff Girls and many other cartoons which filled our lives with colours back then. What if we told you that FiLUMS ’16 will give you a chance to fulfill this desire? You guessed it right! One of the competitions which will be held at FiLUMS is focused on animations, i.e. the visual, sound and other effects on cartoon videos. So, here is your chance to time travel back to those joyous years and realize that you have become the hero you wanted!

Apart from the usual categories, FiLUMS ‘16 is overjoyed to introduce three new categories for competition: SPEED FILMING, AD MAKING and MUSIC VIDEO. We hope to enjoy and showcase your hard work in the presence of role models and professionals from the industry at a more eventful and glamorous FiLUMS than ever before. So join hands with FiLUMS ‘16 this year to show the aesthetic value you can create.

Speed Filming
Speed Filming
Ad Making
Ad Making
Music Video
Music Video

Host Team



Having been a part a part of FiLUMS since 2011, where I came as a participant, here I am today as Convener of one of the biggest and most prestigious film festivals in all of Asia. It gives me immense pride to lead a team of brilliant individuals and organize an event of such huge caliber.

This year I intend to take FiLUMS’16 to new heights. I assure you that the experience will be unforgettable and sorely missed once it ends. If you are an aspiring filmmaker or a movie lover then this is your chance to shine! Hope to see you all at the event. IA 




Event Heads





Payment Phase (1st January 2016 – 20th January 2016)

Submission Phase (1st January 2016 – 20th January 2016)

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