Largest Film Festival in Pakistan

Largest Film Festival in Pakistan

by scoring the prime location of Al-Hamra for a two-day event with movie screenings, ad making, workshops, food street, and closing ceremony, FiLUMS will bridge the gap between the industry and the audience on global level. FILUMS is the only one of its kind.

Celebrating the Art and Passion

Celebrating the Art and Passion

At FiLUMS, the passion of films, and the art of making them is celebrated in the form of competition that is attended by people whose expertise in this area is vast – renowned and capable producers, directors, actors, and camera operators.

A National Success Story Every Year

A National Success Story Every Year

The media coverage, celebrity attention and foreign participation FiLUMS receives are testament to the festival’s success. The presence of celebrities on the panel of judges, our workshops, and premiers truly makes the event star-studded.




Workshops are conducted by well-known, legendary people who give insight to our fellow inspiring members who might want to pursue this as their career in the future. In the previous years we had the chance to host around 4 to 5 workshops led by: Karan Wahi, ChashmeNum cast, Faisal Farooqi, and Shah Zaman and many others.


We gave out awards to the successful winners of the competition and several certificates of recognition and completion were also be given out to participants for their unduly hard work and efforts


Experts in the field discuss the importance of the film industry and its role in different aspects of the society.


Celebrities and Film-Makers celebrate Filums

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